Pilates Classes in Nieuw Muckleneuk
The Pilates Room

Our workouts are enjoyable and the atmosphere is so inviting that it is easy to be drawn into a healthier, happier way of life. Classes are taught in small groups or on a one-to-one basis providing personal programmes to address your individual needs and providing a high level of personal attention. Pilates will improve overall strength, flexibility, mobility and will help to restore correct posture and balance. You will achieve longer leaner muscles, improve core strength and body awareness, optimise placement and help with
any other sports related activity you may partake in.The Pilates method facilitates all fitness and ability levels offering varied and structured exercise to help you fulfil your personal goals.

Pilates Classes in Nieuw Muckleneuk
Our Instructors

We think we have an extraordinary team of instructors, trained to the highest standards in the industry with years of experience working with the human body. Our teachers are friendly and inspiring. The Pilates Room offer Pilates Classes in Pretoria. We believe that real learning and change happen in the relationships that unfold.